Atalanta and Peacock Butterfly - Original



Not for sale. Prints available.

Original on Hot Pressed 100% Cotton, 300 g/m2 - 31 x 41 cm (12 1/8" x 16 1/8").

Affordable print

Size of print, that comes with a neat and sturdy white mount, is 20.4 cm/25.4 cm or 8 by 10 inches. The print with mount is packed in protective cellophane.

It makes a beautiful gift: neatly packed and ready to frame or put it up on a small easel or shelf.

Printed details are amazingly clear.

Comes with a Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity.


About the drawing

This composition started with an Atalanta butterfly. Last year my family was visited by this butterfly in our backyard. For two weeks it came sitting on our hand, shoulder or head when we were dining in our garden. The only thing you had to do was standing in the middle on the lawn and holding your hand up high. You could slowly move the Atalanta closer to have a detailed look. After two weeks the back wings fell off and we knew our Atalanta was coming to his or her end. It still came over for a visit for two to three days and we wondered why it had lost its wings (the common swifts got it?) and how it was still able to fly. A peacock butterfly is a regular visitor of any garden. Nevertheless, it is such a beauty, I couldn't resist drawing it. Last, try to find my Lackey Moth caterpillar which my family met for the first time last May. I wondered what a Lackey Moth ate and decided to draw it on its food: Beech leaves. A fortunate decision because the dark red-brown would keep my drawing serious and I preferred that. Butterfly drawings easily become too light and too sweet.