Three Times Thistle - Original

Orignal on Hot Pressed 100% Cotton, 300 g/m2 - 31 x 41 cm (12 1/8" x 16 1/8").

EUR 150,-

The idea behind it: This drawing centres a plant that most of us regard as noxious weed: the thistle. Goldfinches like thistles and are able to feed on them without getting hurt. Thistles are also host plants for caterpillars of the Painted Lady. In this drawing I show the interdependency of the bird, plant and butterfly. In Dutch the ‘Distel’ (Thistle), is visited by the ‘Distelvink’, Goldfinch, and ‘Distelvlinder’, Dutch for Painted Lady. Plant, bird and butterfly sharing their ‘Distel’ name since you find them often together in nature.