To me art is about creating beauty. I like to find beautiful compositions with harmonious shapes and colours. Apart from being intrigued by beautiful compositions, drawing helps me to escape the stressful concept of time. When I draw sometimes time is substituted for timelessness. 

Art and philosophy are my favourite subjects. I’ve studied Philosophy at the University of Utrecht and Amsterdam. I sell my drawings and paintings, and I occasionally teach art-class to children. In the past my teachers have been Charito Crahay, Johan Kolman and Marc van Praagh. In 2001 I followed a painting course at Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea.

I’ve lived some years in Eastern Europe and Asia. In Korea my family lived next to a Buddhist temple. In the early morning we would hear the monks chanting. During my hours of sauntering with my (then small) daughter through the beautiful temple gardens I felt a blissful happiness  that I try to capture in my drawings.

The subjects of my drawings are almost always living things. Contemplating and admiring nature is essential to me. My work shows an observational journal consisting of nature enjoying moments. Every drawing or painting is therefore a little story or precious moment of my life. I hope you enjoy my work.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer