Cernunnos Artwork


Cernunnos Celtic Prehistoric Artwork Commission


It will be hard not finding an artist who doesn’t like painting stags or deer. But which artist likes to tell the story of the world of Cernunnos/Carnonos?

I am happy to make a likewise commission for you showing a real deer in a symbolic landscape. In my drawing I have placed Cernunnos, as a real deer, in the three layered universe of the Celts, showing the underworld Dubnos (approached by entering the prehistoric stones, the middle world -Bitu- in which we live, and the upper-world Albios, being the equivalent of heaven. To show this isn’t just a deer but a shapeshifting, mythological being, I have his antlers shapeshifting into birds.

The border I can fill with Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, or Viking patterns and perhaps with texts should that be preferred.

I will work on either 31/41 cm, or 26-36 cm, in graphite. The result will be a softly rendered drawing that goes well with a wooden frame. It would be nice to find an artist who can pyrograph the wooden frame with a pattern that fits your preferred border (for instance Celtic patterns).

This will be such a personalized commission; I will waive copyright so that the customer can make photos and small prints to be used as bookmarks.


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