DNA Ancestry Portrait


Monochromatic DNA Ancestry Portrait


Have you had your ancestral DNA analyzed and you would like a DNA portrait showing how your ancestral DNA shines through you?

I drew this self-portrait adding clothing, symbols, and patterns resembling the percentages of DNA that I had analyzed by Ancestry.com. Putting together Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Viking styles and patterns, my self-portrait shows me as a medieval artist working on one of her paintings. The interior is very much an English manor house of the late 15th century. My workplace is located at a corner of the Great Hall because of the north facing light.

The border of the ‘portrait’ shows Scandinavian, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon influences.

Is this fantasy? Yes and no. There are geographical and cultural elements, but the whole setting is -of course- fictional.

Would you like to commission your DNA portrait? To celebrate your DNA discovery? By showing your family history, regional dress-code and symbols inherited from your ancestors? We can cooperate different elements in a DNA portrait. By telling me about your preferences, the artwork will show and narrate your DNA in an artistic and aesthetic form. It will put together places, history, and cultures that shaped who you are in the light of your ancestors.

I prefer to do this as a monochromatic commission which allows highly detailed elements. Frame it with a large passe-partout (mount) and a (wooden) frame and it will look deliciously 19th century like.

Size 31-41 cm / 12-16 inch 550 Euro including shipping.

Contact me freely should you prefer a larger or smaller size. I have two more options available:

Larger: size 36-51 cm/14-20 inches 750 Euro including shipping.

Smaller: size 26-36 /10-14 inches, and will be 375 Euros including shipping.

Despite giving options, I advise 31-41 cm/ 12-16 inches.


Additional information

31-41 cm i.e. 12-16 inches

Medium size


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