Memorial Mourning Art


Memorial Drawing


This is a commission which requires exchanging thoughts and ideas before I set out to draw a rich memorial drawing. It will incooperate baptismal names, perhaps dates -as Latin numerals-, the deceased work and passions. Central or eye-catching will be a symbolic expression of somebodies character.

The drawing will be monochromatic, softly rendered, and rich in illustration and symbolism. It will be an ageless narrative of a life expressed by using symbols (like books for having lived an intellectual life, a landscape for traveling, a classical figure representing a personality, like Hestia for home-keeping and family harmony. A fountain pen for writing, a palette for painting, etc).

If preferred a Latin quote can be added, carefully positioned to aid the composition.

I will work on Arches Satin Grain, size 31-41 cm. Before I set out to draw memorial art, we will discuss sketches so that the final result will come only as a surprise in quality, there will not be unwanted extra features.

Payment before shipping but after the artwork is finished and approved.

Your commissioned artwork will look beautiful with an off white, deep night blue, ocher or sepia brown mount (passe-partout), along with a minimalist or decorated frame. The artwork will look kind and elegant.

Because this is such a highly personalized commission, I will waive copyright which means that you can have the artwork photographed and printed as memorial cards or bookplates.

Free shipping in a brand new artist tube.

Contact me freely to discuss your wishes.





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