Mounted Mandarin Duck Artwork


Sakura Mandarin Ducks with Chrysanteums


Celebrate new love with this Mandarin Ducks Sakura (‘Cherry blossom’ in Japanese, symbolizing spring) on your wall or on your book shelves?

This composition comes with a mount, in a flat package with a simple wooden mini painter’s easel. Put it on your bed stand, your bookshelves, or hang it on your wall and enjoy the loveliness of the combination of mandarin ducks framed in a sakura shape, decorated with chrysanthemums in all five ‘corners’.

I have left or right looking ducks, please, send me an email at info@paulakuitenbrouwer, which direction the ducks should look in.

The mandarin ducks symbolize love, loyalty, and everlasting bonding. They are Asian and colourful ducks with a particular sweet shape. Their behaviour makes us long for love and being-together; and by seeing love, we feel love. It is therefore that in Asia and in Feng-shui having mandarin ducks on display in your home, stores a subtle message of love in our minds.

This composition makes a sweet Valentine’s Day, wedding or marriage anniversary gift.

It will arrive in a flat package.

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