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This drawing of Hestia, however, is an ode to my beloved, late mother (who, at times, was a politically active Athena as well). She was a nurse and teacher of young nurses, and she knew how to keep a person, a whole family, even a larger social circle in harmony and in good health.

In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and of harmony within the family. She is the goddess that many mothers identify with. Perhaps women identify with Aphrodite when they are young, with Athena when they are -for instance- battling for a better education for their children, but certainly they might often feel in the role of Hestia when they work around the clock to create harmony (and health) for their family. Even fathers or home keeping men are allowed to identify with Hestia’s harmonizing and health promoting qualities.

I placed Hestia’s statute in a classical and elegant park. This park does not exist in real life. It is designed by me by putting together elements and thus creating an elegant scenery. Behind the fence one notices Demeter (Ceres) with her beautiful daughter Persephone (Proserpina). I placed the three women in the same garden but Hestia is on the other side of the water, slightly distanced from Demeter and Persephone, referring to two different realms, that of those alive and the other side.

As a commission I can draw (monochromatic) a classic and elegant composition with a classical hero or heroine, god or goddess, a mythological or even historical figure that tells your life’s narrative. I need input for a customer regarding added symbols and attributes that complete the story of one’s personality.

I will make an elaborate drawing, softly rendered that will be timeless. Frame it with a beautiful passe-partout and a minimalist or 19 century frame and you will have a special eye-catching piece of art at your wall.

All I need is to discuss this composition with you till I have all the details right and then I need time (no deadline). I will send photos of my work-in-progress, as if you regularly visit my workplace and see your commission grow. Payment only after completion of the drawing, right before shipping (like no cure, no pay).

As this will be such a personal commission, I will waiver copyright which results in that the customer can photograph the artwork and use for name cards, bookmarks, postcards, or bookplates.


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