Paula's studio

I am Paula Kuitenbrouwer, a commission artist based in Utrecht, Netherlands. I have done freehand artwork as well as a variety of commissions: wedding invites, bookplates, book illustrations, birthday, and birth-name drawings, and more.

Koi Carp
Lush Tulips

More portfolio:

Name & Birthday Commissions

85th Birthday Commission with a person’s favorite birds: a Lapwing, Collared Dove, and an Oystercatcher. Jays for a person named Jay, and a couple of Woodcocks (Timberdoodles) for a family with the surname Woodcock.

Fengshui Commissions

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Fengshui commissions are special in that direction, colour, and symbolism are leading features of a composition. Your mandarin ducks should look to the left or facing the right? Your deer family needs one, two or three fawns? Extra gold or minimal yellow? No problem. I have done commissions with minimal instructions ‘leaving up all choices to your judgement‘ and I have worked with very detailed preferences.

Contact me freely to discuss your commission.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer